This is a Montreal-based punk band that I love dearly. It's all dudes I've known for years and I can't stop listening to this EP. Check it out. It's free. Or you can pay for it on their bandcamp page. They're currently killing it on tour in the US with buddies Strange Mangers. 

When All We Love is Lost - Merely a Formality

Welcome to the first in a series I hope to keep up.

As someone who consumes a lot of music/comedy/films/everything, I would like to start just recommending things to people. 

This first entry is for When All We Love is Lost's latest release, Merely a Formality. It's absolutely worth the $5 he's asking for it, but hey, you can give him more. WAWLiL consists of Dan Colasanto from Massachusetts writing and performing everything unless otherwise noted. The man has created music that tugs at my feels and is catchy, but also has an edge to it, but is also relaxing, IT'S A WEIRD RANGE OF FEELING!

Anyway, please check him out. He's solid. He's also got other EPs to download and you get to name your price. Party.