The Mike Drop with Mike Carrozza is a multi-format podcast that is expected to return to  a regular rotation very soon. 

Some of the formats to expect from the podcast (and formats that will never happen):

  • How Was My Set?! - A podcast wherein Mike interviews the person who seemed the least interested in his comedy set that evening. 
  • What Was Hat?  - A podcast wherein Mike and a guest try on hats and discuss them without using description.
  • Punch Up - A podcast wherein Mike and a guest punch up shows that they are unaware aren't comedies. 
  • Let's Just Hang Out - A podcast wherein Mike hangs out with a guest and they just talk about everything and anything. 
  • Spanish Inquisition - A podcast wherein Mike interviews/hangs out with a guest, but can only ask questions in Spanish. Mike doesn't speak Spanish well enough for this. 
  • "Now, I'm Not Expert..." - A podcast wherein Butt Dentist, Dr. Mike Carrozza, D.D.Esquire dispenses advice and knowledge with a guest who asks questions that need answering. 
  • The Mike Drop Presents The Mike Drop! - A podcast wherein Mike does a guest's podcast to his guest.
  • Blank. - this is not a format. 
  • I'm About to Get in the Shower, Do I Really Need to Do This? - A podcast wherein Mike talks to his recording device for three to ten minutes while preparing to get in the shower. 
  • I'm Alone...WITH A GUEST! - A podcast wherein Mike muses about all things and debuts a character? I don't know, this list is long enough right?


If you have any suggestions for other formats, feel free to message me through my contact page.